The 'shield' represents the Ancient Greek concept of protection. In Greek Mythology the Aegis shield was associated with Zeus and Athena. The modern interpretation of "doing something under someone's aegis" means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent source. This modern interpretation fits with the brand ethos of Aegis Limited being a trustworthy company entrusted to deliver unbeatable investment administration and custodial services to its clients.
Commonly referred to as a custodial wrap account or investment platform, the Aegis service is an electronic investment administration service that is available through selected investment professionals



    The Aegis service holds, administers and reports on a wide range of investments, including cash, fixed interest, equities, managed funds, specialty assets and currencies.

    Cash includes your portfolio Cash Account, which is held with ASB Bank Limited, and selected bank term deposits.

    Fixed interest includes NZ Government and corporate bonds listed on the NZX, and unlisted domestic fixed interest securities.

    Equities include listed domestic and international ordinary and preference shares, rights issues, options and notes and some unlisted domestic shares.

    Listed investments are transacted through the NZX broker nominated by your investment professional.

    Managed funds include unlisted New Zealand domiciled unit trusts - including Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) funds, unlisted foreign domiciled managed funds such as Australian unit trusts and exchange traded funds. Investors in unlisted managed funds held via the Aegis service generally enjoy a substantial discount on fees to retail managed funds. Additionally, a number of managed funds available via Aegis are either not accessible direct to retail investors, or if they are they have substantial minimum investment requirements.

    Speciality assets are predominantly managed funds or exchange traded funds specialising in a specific investment area.

    Investments via the Aegis service are held in New Zealand dollars, Australian dollars, US dollars or British pounds.


    Your investment professional will discuss your investment requirements with you and may recommend changes from time to time. They will also instruct Aegis to buy and sell investments in your portfolio.


    Your investment professional is able to instruct Aegis to withdraw funds from your portfolio, including regular withdrawals. Aegis will pay these to the nominated bank account loaded against your portfolio records. You can choose to have more than one nominated bank account for withdrawals. For security reasons, Aegis will not pay withdrawals to bank accounts that are not loaded against your portfolio.


    The Aegis service uses a custodian, ICSL, to hold investments on your behalf. This is an efficient way of administering investments as it enables Aegis to aggregate (i.e. combine) the purchase or sale of an investment on behalf of a large number of investors and transact this in the market as a single instruction. It also enables Aegis to receive consolidated interest and dividend payments, which it then allocates to individual investors' portfolios.

    In other words, aggregation enables Aegis to undertake less investment transactions with fund providers and brokers. This aggregation ability is one of the reasons why fees for managed funds purchased through Aegis are often cheaper than if purchased directly. Through aggregation, Aegis can often avoid investors being charged minimum brokerage fees for listed investments that might otherwise be charged for small transactions.

    ICSL acts as a bare trustee and has no discretionary powers in relation to your investments, so it cannot undertake investment transactions without instructions from you or your authorised representatives. Although ICSL is the registered holder of investments, you retain the beneficial ownership of your investments.


    To add cash into your portfolio, you simply deposit the amount directly into the trust account held by ICSL. Aegis then ensures the cash is added to your portfolio. Any cash withdrawals you require from your portfolio are paid directly into your nominated bank account.

    You can transfer existing investments into your Aegis portfolio by transferring their ownership to ICSL. This enables Aegis to administer these investments for you, while you retain beneficial ownership of your investments.

    Interest and dividend payments from your investments are automatically added to your Aegis Cash Account and retained in your portfolio. Purchases of investments and proceeds from your investment sales are deducted or added to your Aegis Cash Account.

    By having your investments held via Aegis, you do not have to worry about the significant ongoing paperwork and administration that is associated with investing.

    It is important to note that none of your investment professional, Aegis, or ICSL, guarantees the performance of the investments in your portfolio. Investments are subject to investment risk including loss of income and capital invested.


    For many investments, Aegis calculates and deducts tax on your behalf and pays this tax to the Inland Revenue, where required.

    Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) will generally be deducted from gross interest income you earn for both New Zealand and offshore investments. Aegis may also be required to deduct RWT from dividends you receive from New Zealand and Australian shares. This will be dependent on the level of imputation credits recorded against the dividend. Aegis will generally deduct RWT at the rate recorded against your portfolio. If you are not a New Zealand tax resident, Aegis may need to deduct Non-Resident Withholding Tax (NRWT) from interest and dividends you receive from New Zealand investments.

    If you invest in Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs), Aegis will calculate and deduct the required PIE tax using the Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR), tax rate specific for PIE funds, recorded against your portfolio.

    There are some investments such as overseas shares which are taxed under the foreign investment funds rules (generally this will be the fair dividend rate method) where Aegis is not required to deduct tax. For these investments, you will be required to include this income in an annual tax return and pay the appropriate tax directly to the Inland Revenue.

    Aegis provides comprehensive tax reports to assist in the preparation of annual tax returns and financial statements for your portfolio. This includes details of fees charged to your portfolio, which may be deductible against taxable income, all investment income received by way of interest, dividends and other cash distributions, PIE funds taxable income and taxable income calculated under the foreign investment fund rules. Aegis is ideally placed to undertake the complex calculations required under the foreign investment funds rules because of the up to date pricing and exchange rate information maintained as an integral part of the Aegis service.

    As the taxation of investment income can be complex, we recommend you seek advice from a tax professional.


    Because Aegis holds your portfolio investments, records all transactions that take place within your portfolio and has up to date pricing and exchange rate information, Aegis is the source of truth when it comes to portfolio reporting. Your investment professional can provide you with a comprehensive range of reports including:

    • Portfolio valuation
    • Portfolio performance (gross and net of tax)
    • Portfolio income
    • Cash transactions
    • Asset transactions
    • Pending transactions
    • Taxation reporting

    Your investment professional will agree with you how often they will provide portfolio reports to you. They can also offer you a range of portfolio reports to view online as and when you require. You can choose to have these online reports made available to other people that may be associated with or provide portfolio related services to you, for example trustees, accountants and solicitors.


    Aegis' fees are based on the value of your portfolio held on the Aegis service. Each day, Aegis calculates fees based on the end of day value of your portfolio, and accrues this amount until it's deducted from your Aegis Cash Account. This deduction is usually monthly but may be on another frequency as agreed with your investment professional.

    Your investment professional's fees are usually calculated the same way as the Aegis fee and may be presented as a combined fee or shown separately. Your investment professional will agree these fees with you at the time of establishing your portfolio on Aegis. The fees deducted are shown on cash transaction reports available to you.

    If there is insufficient cash in your Aegis Cash Account to pay the fee, it will continue to accrue until sufficient cash is available to pay the fee. In some instances, your investment professional may need to sell some of your investments to make cash available to pay fees.

    Your investment professional may undertake ad hoc work for you and either invoice you directly for this work or agree with you to have the amount deducted from your Aegis Cash Account.


    Aegis and ICSL are wholly owned subsidiaries of ASB Bank Limited, a member of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group.


    In the first instance, contact your investment professional. Most portfolio investments can be transferred into your own name, though others may need to be sold if they are not available to be held by you directly. The contract you have with your investment professional will also specify termination terms and conditions.


    Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have rights of access to and correction of any personal information that Aegis or ICSL hold about you. When appropriate and for the purposes of ongoing administration of your investments, Aegis and ICSL may need to provide your details to parties associated with providing investment services to Aegis.

    If you have any concerns about how your personal information is used in connection with the Aegis service, please contact Aegis on 0800 800 638.