The 'shield' represents the Ancient Greek concept of protection. In Greek Mythology the Aegis shield was associated with Zeus and Athena. The modern interpretation of "doing something under someone's aegis" means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent source. This modern interpretation fits with the brand ethos of Aegis Limited being a trustworthy company entrusted to deliver unbeatable investment administration and custodial services to its clients.
A key focus of Aegis is to understand the needs of investment professionals and build solutions and services that enable them to grow scalable businesses.


The Aegis service enables investment professionals to keep on top of investment administration through a single platform that holds, administers and reports on a wide range of investments. It enables them to focus on the investment needs of their clients rather than getting bogged down with investment administration. The key benefits of using Aegis include:

  • Access from anywhere at any time
    A fully hosted and secure web based service that can be accessed online in the office or remotely, day or night, removing the worry of access to or protection of client portfolio records.
  • A wide range of investments
    Access to multiple listed and unlisted investments, some of which are only available through an investment platform, enabling investment professionals to build portfolios that meet the specific needs of their clients.
  • Outsourced investment administration and paperwork
    Aegis manages the back office administration including the holding and reconciliation of investments, receipt of distributions, updating of investment pricing and deduction of tax where requried, saving the investment professional a huge amount in administration time and effort. Most investment instructions can be provided electronically via Aegisnet.
  • The calculation and deduction of fees
    Aegis administers the fees agreed between investment professionals and their clients. This saves time, ensures payment and provides greater transparency of fees for both the investment professional and client.
  • Bulk trading functionality
    Scalable functionality designed to save administration time and assist in compliance when transacting investments for a group of clients at the same time.
  • Extensive client and management reporting
    Multiple online reports enabling investment professionals to keep track of their businesses and provide clients with comprehensive and consolidated portfolio reporting. Bespoke management reports can be "pushed" to investment professionals and are used extensively for management and compliance reporting.
  • Audit trail
    A permanent electronic record of all portfolio transactions enabling investment professionals to provide evidence of portfolio actively from inception of the portfolio on Aegis.
  • Ongoing development
    Regular releases of new functionality to improve the Aegis service to investment professionals, and
  • Dedicated support
    A dedicated key relationship manager that provides ongoing support and training to ensure investment professionals are getting the best use out of the Aegis service.