The 'shield' represents the Ancient Greek concept of protection. In Greek Mythology the Aegis shield was associated with Zeus and Athena. The modern interpretation of "doing something under someone's aegis" means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent source. This modern interpretation fits with the brand ethos of Aegis Limited being a trustworthy company entrusted to deliver unbeatable investment administration and custodial services to its clients.
Commonly referred to as a custodial wrap account or investment platform, the Aegis service is an electronic investment administration service that is available through selected investment professionals

Investment Professionals Using Aegis

The Aegis service is only available through selected investment professionals, and is the investment administration service of choice for more than 90 groups of investment professionals throughout New Zealand.

To find an investment professional that uses Aegis in your region, please contact Aegis.